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F. A. Hayek Quotes

Hayek, Friedrich A. (1952). Individualism: True and False, It is the contention that, by tracing the combined effects of individual...

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Hayek on Health Care

Hayek on Health Care and Other Social Safety Nets This lesson is on how Hayek views Health Care and other Social Safety Nets. The following passage is taken from The Road to Serfdom, Text and Documents, The Definitive Edition, by F. A. Hayek, edited by Bruce Caldwell,...

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Individualism: True and False | F. A. Hayek

According to Hayek, there are two opposing ideas about how to understand individuals and the society in which they live: true individualism and false individualism. These ideas permeate all social and political thought. They apply to beliefs about reason and knowledge, economics, justice, equality, power, tradition, marriage and family, and government.

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